Multimount Easy

General Info

The system is designed to be completely iconic and touch controlled. With this feature, the system offers international convenience and ease of use.
With the microtest baiting powders on the opening screen, it provides quick access to the screen, the user-defined pick-up setting screen and the service screen with the best pre-entered quick-start pickup values ​​for your sample.

User-defined setting screen:

  • Heating time input and remaining time display
  • Heating temperature input
  • Cooling speed setting
  • Safe temperature value information entered in the Service menu
  • Bakelite diameter information entered from the service menu
  • Piston up and down movement buttons
  • Start / stop button
  • Return to main menu shortcut
  • External cleaning mode on / off switch
From the service menu you can perform the bakelite diameter, safety temperature value input, internal cleaning mode activation and manual cooling start. You can also view the number of real bets taken to help users with job, time, and cost statistics.

Hardware Features:

  • Shockproof and scratch resistant steel case
  • Replaceable aluminum block system
  • Adaptable block diameters Ø25,30 40 and 50 mm
  • Mold mechanism for fast heating and cooling
  • 4.3 pan touch control panel
  • Pressure-resistant lid
  • Smooth leveling with adjustable feet and easy transport within the laboratory
  • Thermal insulation providing a safe working environment

Technological Features:

  • The fastest gauging machine of the time with a big difference, including the new generation of pneumatic presses and the heating cooling system and electro-hydraulic systems
  • Cooling and user safety system providing occupational safety requirements
  • Programmable touch control system
  • Fast heating and cooling power with specially designed aluminum block
  • Bracketing method support for different powders
  • Unsurpassed internal and external cleaning mode
  • 3 different cooling speeds
  • Can be set to the final safe temperature value


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