Multipol Easy

General Info


Aluminum discs of 200, 250 or 300 mm diameter can be adapted.

Special dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant powder-coated steel case

Smooth tub surface providing easy cleaning with extendable faucet which facilitates water flow.

Pre-position emergency stop button in accordance with international safety regulations

Smooth leveling with adjustable foot heights and easy handling in the laboratory

4.3 "color touch, internationally understandable iconic control panel.



Digital control and setting of all device parameters via touch screen.

Speed control and regulation of the working wheels

Timed or continuous operation in seconds.

Reproducible results, even in manual preparation with the representation of the compressive force in Newtons.

Torque operation for your large samples.

Short cuts on the touch screen for 150 and 300 rpm with frequently used grinding and polishing speed values.

Digital rotation direction setting for the working wheel.

Digital water on-off control.

Available software 

Possibility to update software to suit your specific needs.

Service screen for machine calibration and fault detection.

The system is designed to be completely iconic and is controlled from the touch screen.

With this feature of the system is easily understandable internationally and It offers the convenience of use.

The iconic system allows the setting and control of the grinding and polishing parameters via a single display.



Setting Panel of Grinding and Polishing:

Digital pressures display.

Wheel disk speed adjustment.

Timer setting

Service screen shortcut.

Water on / off.

Rotation direction selection.

Shortcut buttons for 150 and 300 rpm.

Start and stop button.

Torque operation toggle switch.

Shortcut to the screen where communication and device information is available.

Calibration of device parameters and test of device functions are performed on password protected service screen.

Thus quick detection and solutions can be provided.



Technical Data




Available diameters: Ø200mm, Ø250mm veya Ø300mm

Rotation Speed: adjustable, 0-650 rpm

Rotation Direction: both side (CW,CCW)

Control System

4.3 inch color LCD Touch Screen and Rotary encoder fuzzy control button


220-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power Supply

6-10 bar Air Connection


Front located emergency stop according to safety regulations

6 A ETA type Fuse


Approx. Width: 590 mm, Depth: 690 mm, Height: 270 mm Height with MicroHead: 270 mm



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