Multipol Advanced

General Info

Multipol advanced offers an excellent design to achieve reproducible results at the end of each sample preparation with a combination of
10-40N printing pressure and low release rate.


  • Flexible structure allows manual and automatic polishing
  • Ø200, 250 or 300 mm diameter aluminum discs are available
  • Special dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant powder coated
  • Smooth bathtub surface that facilitates water flow.
  • Automatic water and dosing nozzle
  • Emergency stop button with front position according to safety regulations
  • Smooth leveling with adjustable foot heights and easy transport to your laboratory
  • 4.3 "color touch, internationally easily understandable iconic control panel



  • Manual or automatic grinding and polishing mode
  • Automatic head that applies center pressure to the sample or with a special sample holder
  • Digital control and adjustment of all machine parameters via touch screen
  • Digital speed control and regulation of the working disk (0-650rpm)
  • Pneumatic automatic head height control
  • Pneumatic locking system for automatic head
  • Analogue-set printing application for samples between 10-40 N
  • Timer setting from 0-9990 seconds
  • Digital adjustment of the rotation of the working disc and the automatic head
  • Digital water on / off control
  • Software update for adaptation to specific requirements
  • Setting the machine parameters with the service menu


Technical Data




Available diameters: Ø200mm, Ø250mm veya Ø300mm

Rotation Speed: adjustable, 0-650 rpm

Rotation Direction: both side (CW,CCW)

Auto Head

Pressure mode: Single Sample and Sample holder

Pressure: 0-60N per sample

Rotation speed: adjustable, 0-200 rpm

Rotation direction: CCW

Control System

4.3 inch color LCD Touch Screen and Rotary encoder fuzzy control button

Program Memory

10 programs with 10 segments


220-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power Supply

6-10 bar Air Connection


Front located emergency stop according to safety regulations

6 A ETA type Fuse


Approx. Width: 690 mm, Depth: 690 mm, Height: 207mm Height with MicroHead: 570 mm


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