Multicut Sense

General Info


  • Cutting up to Ø 120 mm
  • Cutting discs between 12.7-20-32 mm are available
  • Cutting discs up to Ø 75-250 mm
  • 8 mm2 partitioned table
  • Automatic or manual y-axis movement (250mm)
  • Ø 12,7-20-32 mm hole inner diameter
  • The first device to cut precision with a 250 mm cutting disc
  • LED Field Lighting
  • Possibility to minimize cutting disc consumption with back and forth movement
  • PLC controlled security system
  • The world's first precision cutting device with 250 mm disc insertion and rough cutting
  • 100% Turkish design and production


  • 3 kW S6 model motor 40% designed for both precision and rough cutting
  • Silent operation
  • During the automatic cutting process, the loading speed, cutting force etc. features are displayed and can be changed on the monitor
  • Automatic feeding speed adjustment at break-out
  • 4.3 "touch screen
  • Automatic floor and table wash mode
  • Storing and storing cutting discs or methods

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