Aka-Piatto 1200+

Aka-Piatto 1200+

Fine grinding of samples with a hardness of 150 HV - 2000 HV
Aka-Piatto 600+ and 1200+ are used for fine grinding, to remove the deformation created by a Aka-Piatto plane grinding step.
Due to the higher diamond concentration Piatto+ grinds more gentle and is therefore better suited for grinding of ceramics and cermets than the normal Piatto.
After Aka-Piatto 600+ and 1200+ the samples are ready for a 3 µm polishing step.
Ø 200, 250, 300 mm

General Info


Unique to Aka-Piatto is the color-coded binder and a wear compensating surface design increasing the planeness of the samples and the lifetime of the Aka-Piatto discs.
3 small tabs make it easy to exchange the Aka-Piatto discs.
Depending on the sample size and Machine set-up at least 100 and 200 pcs of grinding paper can be substituted by one Aka-Piatto disc.
The Aka-Piatto discs have to be opened with a dressing stick before the first use, and depending on the material to be prepared, dressed once in a while during use.


Aka-Piatto+ is a series of discs with an even higher diamond concentration than Aka-Piatto.

The effect of Aka-Piatto+ is an improved lifetime and finer surface finish on brittle samples like ceramics and cermets due to the lower specific pressure.
Used on metals it results in a finer finish and up to 100% longer lifetime compared to regular Aka-Piatto discs.
Aka-Piatto+ shares all the other features of Aka-Piatto, like color-coding, the wear compensating design and the 3 small tabs for easy exchange.
The Aka-Piatto+ discs have to be opened with a dressing stick before the first use, and depending on the material dressed once in a while during use.


Aka-Piatto Disc

#80 250 μm
#120 125 μm
#220 75 μm
#600  30 μm
#1200 15 μm
#2400 6 μm


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