Mikrotest, with a manufacturing sense of targeting same quality and precision  to achieve reproducible results and of meeting the current needs instead of creating new needs, keeps being a reason of preference in your quality control and research labs. In order to cover possible bigger part of customer needs in material science, Mikrotest resides in a cooperation with leading companies which has proven itself worldwide in the field of sample preparation and hardness testing.


Besides of the philosopy of continous development the satisfaction of our customers has been a great inspiration source we never want to lose. For this reason, we are always ready as both before and after sales support with its own technical equipments and knowledge for the products and customer expectations.


As solution partner Mikrotest works together with Akasel ApS, having an experience of 19 years in developing and manufacturing quality in the field of  metallographic sample preparation and offers on the other side portable and benchtop solutions for all hardness testing methods (Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell  etc.) thanks to its cooperation with Future Tech and Dragon. Addition to that it supplies certified calibration blocks and indenters (UKAS, MPA, TSE)  to assist the validation process and various microscopes matching with your system for micro structure analysis of already prepared samples. Thus, Mikrotest aims to be sole address for any kind of material (ferrous, non-ferrous, composites, ceramic, electronical and mineralogical materials) with an excellent combination for the companies giving more weight to quality and meanwhile trying to save from its costs. If you are not using Mikrotest products, it might mean that you haven’t meet with our products yet.


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