As Mikrotest, we strive to better meet existing needs rather than creating new needs and to meet the needs of our customers with our special products to get repeatable results.


The devices we produce are 100% Turkish design and design. The satisfaction of our customers has been an inspiration we never wish to lose in production. For this reason, our devices focuses on meeting all your needs in terms of quality and technology.


Our aim is to provide quality products meeting all requirements while offering cost reductionsin the field of Metallographic Sample Preparation. offers economical metallographic sample preparation consumables.As a company principe we are and we have been offering highest quality and most economical metallographic sample preparation consumables.


We are at your service with our quality portable hardness testers and bench-top hardness testers. We supply the devices for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell measurements and certified measurement tips and calibration blocks.You can perform the measurements with excellent quality and high repeatability.

Fully Automatic Micro-Macro Hardness Tester

New Generation Load Cell Indentation
Wide Motorized X-Y Table
Various Pattern Creation
Sample Edge Recognition
High Definition Digital Camera
Image Analysis and Documentation Software

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We offer with our products the best proven performance.


We provide safety standards in accordance with international norms based on worker safety and health.


We have accomplished various  R & D studies succesfully which offers repeatable quality results and providing time-cost efficiency. 


We aim to provide all of these products with the highest quality and safety capabilities to our customers at the most affordable prices.

Method Support

We provide sample preparation service for your different materials or method creation support when requested.

Customer Satisfaction

We are always working on the principle of being with you before and after sales.

Customer Oriented Service

Changes to the Technical Specifications
Long Life and Economical Metallographic Consumables
Quick Solution and Support in All Kinds of Problems
Maintenance Free Japanese Made Hardness Device
Free Method Support for All Kinds of Materials
Happy Customer Policy

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Why Choosing Us?

Made in Türkiye
Customer Focused Solutions with Sectoral Experience
Unique and Outstanding Device Features
Great Amount of References Gain in a Short Time
Top Quality and Most Economical Consumables Support
100% Japanese Manufacturing Hardness Testers

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